Adult site scams

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Adult site scams

The individual frequently experiences: Interventions to address financial abuse include closing joint bank accounts, having the victim revoke the power of attorney; putting in place a responsible person or agency to assist with managing the victim’s funds; and restarting utilities if they’ve been shut off.APS often works to reduce the isolation of the victim, through putting in services, etc., which reduces his/her risk of continued abuse.Generally, the basic categories or abuse are financial, physical, abandonment, isolation, neglect and self-neglect.If the incident occurred in the community or in an individual home the report is made to Adult Protective Services at 868-1006 (24 hour Abuse Hotline) or please see Reporting Abuse tab.

These people scam everyone-- but most often its older women. They are on dating sites, facebook military pages, and EVERYWHERE online.Adult Protective Services or Long Term Care Ombudsman will investigate the suspected abuse by making contact with the suspected victim and alleged perpetrator.If the victim is willing to accept assistance, steps are taken to protect the individual and cross report criminal actions to Law Enforcement.Divisional Programs Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (LPS) Conservatorship Public Guardian (Probate Conservatorship) Outreach Programs: Volunteer Senior Outreach (VSOP) and Seniors Active, Giving and Engaged (SAGE) Abuse can be an intentional act and/or a lack of knowledge in providing care to an elder (anyone 65 years or older) or dependent adult (anyone 18-64 years of age that is dependent upon another due to a disability or mental impairment).Abuse is any act that constitutes taking advantage of a person for personal gain and/or not providing the proper care that the individual is dependent upon due to a disability or mental impairment.

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Get educated on some of the most common scams that the FBI investigates, as well as tips to help prevent you from being victimized.

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