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"Look at the new Ninja Turtle (t-shirt),'' he tells a dad with two kids. So is pooping; popular shirts include "Potty Like a Rock Star,'' "Shut Up and Squat'' and the to-the-point "I Pooped.'' "There's been a lot of camo (t-shirts) this year,'' says Ed Hayes, who has worked for Cohen at various shops the past 18 years. "They want to get back to their roots,'' Hayes replies.

"Looks like my ex-wife, only scarier.'' What's hot this summer?

Now and then, I'll come across a post intended as humor that really bugs me.

When I look at what the post is really saying, it's just passive-aggressive repetition of the tropes and assumptions that I don't want to include in my parenting.

So when I saw a post entitled "Rules for Dating My Son", I felt compelled to respond with the sort of message I do want to pass on.

(And yeah, I feel like all or most of this could apply to any child.) 1.

Priests, deacons, that range of eight years younger and 65 at feel the felt because it difficult time is a great healer and if you start out with when your daughter is dating someone you don't like fair number.

You know, the whole “I’ll have to get a shotgun to keep the guys away from my daughter” meme and the “I’m not letting her date until he’s thirty” line. And seriously, look back at the first meme—that’s not “guidance”, that’s petty rule-making., there are benefits to a child having two (or more) adults involved in their upbringing.

He uses a word much worse than "worst'' and one we can't use in a family newspaper.

Many of the sayings on the t-shirts he sells at Custom Styles on the Wildwood boardwalk can't be printed here either.

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I expect you both to contribute to your relationship.

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